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Amy George

A Practical Sort offers to sort, organizing and decluttering services to homes and businesses.

We aim to regain comfort through reclaiming physical space in a no-nonsense and practical way.

Our Experience and Professional Commitment

Hello, I’m Amy, founder of A Practical Sort decluttering and organising service. After 25 years as an Environmental Scientist, I have seen first-hand how everyday living can impact the world around us. Most waste, from micro-plastics in the oceans to ordinary rubbish in rivers, streams and wetlands all stem from what we hold in our living spaces. I believe that the path to improved environmental conditions can begin at home; not only through what we keep but also how we dispose of our excess.

A Practical Sort comes from my commitment to the environment and my extensive skills with sorting, organising and project management. My goal for A Practical Sort is to help others reclaim their living spaces in a very no-nonsense and environmentally conscious way.

Clearing space is not only good for the environment but good for the soul. Possessions can clutter our homes and our minds and often dealing with physical space allows us to deal with our mental and emotional space. This can be very challenging to do alone so an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands can help. This is why my mantra at A Practical Sort is not about minimalism but practicality and functionality. Sometimes you just need to see a little change to feel better!

My commitment is not limited to the environment. I uphold my commitment to Professional Organising as a member of the Internationally recognized Institute of Professional Organisers and I follow their Professional Code of Conduct. I have training in Mental Health and Hoarding Solutions and keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry so that I can offer the best practice for my clients.

I have been sorting and organising for friends and family and in the workplace for years and I would love to help you too. Please call for a conversation about your situation and let’s work together.

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A Happy Home is an Organized Home

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