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A Practical Sort Goes Live!

Hello Sorters!

After operating as an almost invisible entity for nearly 2 whole years, A Practical Sort has officially joined the digital world. A big shout out to Morningstar Digital on the Sunshine Coast for helping make this website a reality and a true representation of what my business has to offer.

I am keen to help and love a challenge! A friend once described the dread that she feels in her stomach when she looks at her crafting room. I found that the sheer chaos of the space made my fingers tingle with excitement. She has not yet let me dig into that space, but when she’s ready I’ve so many ideas for her!


‚ÄčI love the rush of ideas that flood in when l see a new space. This is why I created A Practical Sort. Please take the time to look around my new space and see where we can work together. I’ll be posting blogs about all kinds of things but I’d really to emphasise areas contributing to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY. So keep coming back to see what kind of new information I can find for us….anything is possible and remember Reduce first, reuse when possible and finally recycle whenever you can (yes that will be post of its own).

Thanks for visiting!

Amy (A Practical Sorter)

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